FAQs on Getting an RN to BSN Online Degree

FAQs on Getting an RN to BSN Online Degree

FAQs on Getting an RN-BSN
FAQs on Getting an RN-BSN

Why Should I Consider Getting an RN to BSN Degree?

An RN-BSN nurse is a step up the RN ladder. With a bachelor’s in nursing degree, an RN can administer more advanced types of medications, and they may also do more advanced care such as assisting during surgery. This is also a path that leads to more supervisory positions; an RN with a BSN degree may manage a unit, manage other RNs, and take a more active role in designing care policies and procedures. The RN to BSN is a “gateway” degree that opens doors to nurses in different levels of nursing care or other types of facilities, such as acute care, advanced ER settings, surgery and ICU/CCU.

What Is the Difference Between an RN and an RN-BSN?

The RN-BSN degree is a two-year program at most institutions. The RN to BSN is a four-year program that delves deeper into the science around nursing and exposes the nurse to more advanced philosophies. The hierarchy of the RN role goes from RN to RN-BSN and RN-MS to Ph.D. in Nursing. Below the RN level is the LPN or LVN.

Why Should You Choose Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University's RN to BSN Program?

All We Do Is Nursing: One of the biggest assets of FranU is that all we do is teach nursing to those who want a rewarding career caring for others. As such, our sole focus is on our online RN- to BSN program. There are no distractions. It is a purity of focus that helps our students gain a high-quality education, which then helps them fuel their careers.

We Are 100 Percent Online: Online study gives our nursing students the freedom to study when they want, attend classes at their leisure, and still maintain a career, raise a family and enjoy life. That is not to say that no work is involved. It simply means that you do the work when your schedule permits.

Collaborative Education: Nursing students at FranU benefit from a collaborative learning process.

100 Percent Accredited: FranU holds accreditation by the commission on colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Further, our BSN and MSN programs are fully approved by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. We are also a member in good standing of the Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Graduate in as Few as 12 Months: Nurses in the RN to BSN program can take two classes at a time and graduate in 12 months. You can also study at a slower pace and graduate in 48 months.

Transfer Up to 90 Credits: You can speed up your graduation time by transferring approved credits from other universities. The maximum number of credits you can transfer is 90.

What Are the FranU Requirements for Admission?

All of our students need:

  • An active and unencumbered RN license

  • A 2.0 GPA from an accredited nursing program

  • Either a diploma or an associate’s of science degree in nursing from an accredited nursing program or university

What Types of Classes Will I Need to Complete My RN to BSN Degree?

Classes at FranU's online RN to BSN program are divided into two groups, including lower or general education classes and core classes. General education classes can be transferred into your program, while core class completed units are only accepted through FranU campuses.

General Requirements:

  • You can transfer 38 units for your RN program

  • Math: College Algebra and General Statistics (both transferable)

  • Electives: One art and one science elective

Core Requirements:

  • Core requirements are 24 for units. The degree requires 120 units.

  • You will need Math 2315 before you begin your core requirements.

  • The general list of core classes includes:

    • Evidence-Based Nursing

    • Health Assessment

    • Professional Nursing Concepts

    • Leadership Principles in Nursing

    • Healthcare Policy

    • Community Health Nursing

    • Nursing electives such as Successful Aging, Mental Health and Film or Legal Ethical Considerations in Nursing

How Long Are Classes?

Classes are eight weeks long and are designed so that a full-time student may take two at a time.

Is This a Faith-Based School?

Yes. We are a Catholic Franciscan institution with a long history of leadership in nursing education in the state of Louisiana.