Home Health Nursing: What You Need to Know

Home Health Nursing: What You Need to Know
Home Health Nursing: What You Need to Know

Home health nursing is an option available for those who are passionate about individual care and personalized nursing. In home health nursing, professionals provide care to individuals in their home environment. Also known as “visiting nurses,” these nurses provide care to people who cannot access it outside their home or who cannot afford care in an assisted living facility.

Home Health Nurse Qualifications

The qualifications to be a home health nurse include earning a BSN online degree and earning clinical experience. Home health nurses also should be:

  • Flexible — Home health nursing is not a position with typical business hours. Nurses will work day shifts, evening shifts and overnight shifts.

  • Self-motivated — Home health nurses must be able to complete their daily tasks with little or no supervision. This is an independent position.

  • Able to Manage Time — Visiting nurses must be able to manage their time wisely, as they may have several patients scheduled in one day.

  • Strong Communicators — Home health nurses must be able to effectively communicate with their patients as well as with their superiors.

  • Able to Listen Attentively — It’s pivotal that nurses are able to listen to their patients and understand their needs as well as their concerns. This is the best way to ensure that all patients get proper care.

Benefits of a Career in Home Health Nursing

A career in home health nursing has many benefits. Nurses have the opportunity to connect on an individual and personal level with their patients. When they are out of the hospital or clinical setting, they have the ability to develop better relationships with their patients and also have more autonomy when caring for them. It is a more flexible position that can prove to be beneficial for nurses who are seeking a better work/life balance.

How Do I Become a Home Health Nurse?

The first step toward becoming a home health nurse is to begin your online education in nursing at Our Lady of the Lake College. We have an innovative RN to BSN program that will allow you to earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing in a way that is convenient and flexible.

Our curriculum includes nursing courses that will prepare you for an exciting career in home health nursing. For example, our Health Assessment course will help you evaluate patients based on their symptoms and pre-existing conditions and make accurate decisions when working in an individualized setting. In addition, our Community Health Nursing course will explore the industry trends related to community health nursing and also provide you with valuable resources about careers in this particular field.

After earning your online degree, you also will have to pass a licensing exam in order to practice as a home health nurse. OLOL not only prepares its nurses for this exam, but also for a hands-on nursing career.

When you begin your online education, you will find that you have the ability to explore your options in nursing and decide what you want to specialize in while you earn your online degree. To learn more about the RN to BSN online degree program at Our Lady of the Lake College, contact an advisor today. We look forward to helping you and encouraging you throughout your entire experience at OLOL.