What You Need to Know About Correctional Nursing

What You Need to Know About Correctional Nursing
What You Need to Know About Correctional Nursing

One of the advantages of pursuing a career in nursing is that nurses have a unique opportunity to explore different specializations and career options. As you pursue your online degree from OLOL, you should consider the different options that are available to you. There is a need for correctional nurses in today's society, and it might be the right career choice for you after you complete your RN-BSN degree.

What Is Correctional Nursing?

Correctional nurses work in prisons and other correctional facilities throughout the country. They provide medical care to the inmates who are housed there. There is an increase in demand for these specialized nurses, as the number of prisoners, inmates and detainees continues to rise every year. The nurses who work in this setting have an opportunity to provide a wide range of care to their patients, ranging from routine medical care and preventative care to emergency treatment for both injury and disease. While this position requires nurses to address unique challenges in their daily roles, many correctional nurses find it to be a rewarding and positive experience.

Requirements to Become a Correctional Nurse

This is one of the more specialized careers for nurses, and those who want to pursue this particular type of nursing will have to undergo specific training. First and foremost, a correctional nurse is most likely required to have a BSN degree. RN nurses who are interested in moving into this field may want to consider the RN-BSN online degree that is offered by OLOL. The program curriculum includes courses that involve ethics in nursing, mental health and nursing as well as community health nursing, all of which can help within the correctional facility setting. In addition to earning a BSN degree, you should obtain experience that will help you in this unique setting. Emergency care, safety training and security training are important for correctional nurses. Some correctional nurses also choose to become a Certified Correctional Health Professional, but this is often optional.

Benefits of Working as a Correctional Nurse

Correctional nurses find that they are providing care to patients who often are disregarded by society, and they find it rewarding to give them the medical treatment that they need. Correctional nurses also have the opportunity to practice a vast range of medical techniques. In any given day, they can treat a minor injury as well as a complex pre-existing health condition while also working with patients who are struggling with mental health disorders. Nurses often find this to be a challenging yet invigorating environment.

Challenges Correctional Nurses Face

Correctional nurses, in particular, face a variety of unique challenges. They are required to provide care to a wide variety of individuals. Regardless of the patient's background and history, they must remain objective and safely administer all necessary care. Correctional nurses often do not have time to form relationships with their patients or provide them with ongoing treatment, as turnover rates can be high at correctional facilities.

As you focus on your online education and fulfill the requirements for your RN-BSN degree, you also should take the time you need in order to explore the careers for nurses that are available. Correctional nursing is a unique opportunity for nurses who are interested in working in an alternative environment and who are willing to face the challenges in this setting. To find out more information about correctional nursing as well as the curriculum of our RN-BSN online degree at OLOL, contact one of our advisors today.