Top 5 Resume Tips for Nurses

Top 5 Resume Tips for Nurses
Top 5 Resume Tips for Nurses

Whether you are applying for a nursing position at a doctor's office or you want to work in the exciting atmosphere of a local hospital, you will need to create a stellar resume that showcases your skills as a nurse and your personal commitment to your career.

Before applying for any position in the healthcare industry, you should be sure to update your resume and include the most relevant information. For example, if you have furthered your education by receiving your BSN, you want to make sure this information is highlighted

Top 5 Resume Tips for Nurses

  1. Begin your resume with a summary of your qualifications for the specific position. This requires you to update your resume for each individual position, but it goes a long way in showing your commitment to obtaining a job that you desire.

    You should list qualifications and skills you have that apply to that particular position, such as a course you completed that gives you insight into a specific area of healthcare or a clinical rotation you completed in a similar setting within the healthcare industry.

  2. List any expert skills you have acquired or specializations that you have. In order to stand out as a candidate you will want to showcase what sets you apart from other job applicants. For example, if you are applying for a job in the Labor and Delivery unit, you will want to note that you specialize in labor assistance and newborn care.

  3. Provide details about your educational accomplishments and background. This is where you will want to list the degrees you have earned and the educational institutions where you earned them. For example, if you recently earned an online bachelor's degree in nursing from Our Lady of the Lake College you should note that. Such a degree will allow you to apply for higher positions within the nursing industry. Don't forget to add your graduation dates.

  4. Include certification and licensing information. List all of the nursing certifications that you have earned, and also add information about the nursing licensing exams you have passed. For example, if you practiced nursing in a different state, you will want to add that you are board certified in other states as well as the one you are hoping to work in now.

  5. Add details about awards you have received, accomplishments you have achieved, or contributions you have made in previous positions. This is a good way to showcase the fact that you have excelled in order to stand out in every aspect of your nursing training.

    Whether you earned an award during nursing school for your GPA or you were honored with an accolade from a local doctor, you should include this information on your resume. There are many nurses who have the educational requirements necessary in order to work in the nursing field, so you will want to use this section to prove that you will go above and beyond the call of duty.

While you should prioritize the design of your resume as well as the contents, it's important to recognize that your educational accomplishments and skills developed through hands-on experience will establish the structure for your resume. Ultimately, the most qualified candidates will create the best resumes, because they have the most to offer within the industry.

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