5 Great Nursing Podcasts

5 Great Nursing Podcasts
5 Great Nursing Podcasts

Podcasts are an informative and easy way to listen to pre-recorded information on interesting topics during your daily commute, in your leisure time, or while doing routine work that does not demand mental exertion.

When you search for a podcast about nursing, there are so many relevant topics to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. Since there is a multitude of informative and interesting podcasts related to nursing to choose from, we selected a few that we consider to be the best.

There is no dry, nursing school material here. These nursing podcasts deliver information in an engaging and enlightening way to encourage, educate and inspire you, just as we aspire to do at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University’s 12-month online RN to BSN program.

Selecting the Best For You

If you are new to nursing podcasts, it’s easy to learn more and more about your specific niche. While that can be very useful, it’s  also beneficial to expose yourself to some new learning. Below are five thought-provoking podcasts that will entertain, enlighten, and educate you as a nurse.

1. Ausmed-The Handover Nursing Podcast

Ausmed is an Australian educational content library that healthcare organizations use for staff training. The Handover Nursing podcast is a brilliantly-done archived podcast that appeals to a global audience on all health-related topics. Practical, sensible, and relevant storytelling bridges the healthcare’s history and contemporary concerns.

2. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

This title can spark some resentment in the most fearless of nurses! Bad nurse? No way! This fun and light-hearted RN-hosted podcast takes turns telling two medical related stories. One dark, troublesome, thought-provoking and mysterious; the other inspirational and uplifting. These nurses present the yin and the yang of current hot-topic events in a podcast that’s informative and fun without shying away from controversy.

3. Ted Talks Health

While this podcast is not nursing specific, the information presented is far-ranging and offers incredible insight into current challenges in healthcare, both locally and globally. Top doctors and researcher deliver five-20 minute educational insights on topics such as “how racism hurts pregnant women” and “nanotech and early cancer detection.”

4. Nursing Today

In nursing podcasts, there is something for everyone. This podcast from the ANCC-accredited University of Washington Continuing Nursing Education addresses modern nursing in a lecture format. This informative podcast benefits nurses from students to expert nurse. Experts discuss modern nursing topics ranging from multi-generational work environments to other pressing nursing issues.

5. Medscape Nurses Podcast

You get a lot of bang for your buck in these 10 minute or less episodes about a variety of current and relevant issues. Information and insights are delivered quickly on topics such as rabies exposure, hypoglycemia, and cancer screenings.

Become More Informed As You Are Entertained and Engaged

Podcasts are incredibly helpful resources to help nurses reach new heights in their professional practice. Check out these podcasts but don’t stop there. Keep learning and growing and reaping the benefits of living in the age of information!

The range of educational options is incredible and are available online. Become inspired to be the best nurse you can be at the end of your commute, walk or relaxing evening. The nursing profession deserves the brightest and best!

Along with earning your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Podcasts are a great tool to help help keep  your nursing education up to date.

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